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link to msn in emails


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Does anyone know how to add a link in an email, directing you to msnand opening a new window for online msn?


I've added a link to call my skype-account and want something similar to msn..


droblem solved.. the solutiom, should any be interested is:


Add msn-user:

<a href="msnim:add?contact=EMAIL_OF_USER">NAME_LINK</a>


Chat with msn-user:

<a href="msnim:chat?contact=EMAIL_OF_USER">NAME_LINK</a>


Voicechat with msn-user:

<a href="msnim:voice?contact=EMAIL_OF_USER">NAME_LINK</a>


Videochat with msn-user:

<a href="msnim:video?contact=EMAIL_OF_USER">NAME_LINK</a>


This line is just to be added in an .html, or similar, file and added as a signature..

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