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If you played IWD2....


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Heya, guys!


I'd like to get as many estimates as possible as to how many *in-game*, not real days it takes you to beat the game. I'd appreciate also if you guesstimated your speed (ie I try to rush through the game/I take my time/I rest at every coner).


If you could also guestimate this pert chapter, I'd be doing a happy dance.


I need this info to offer choices of speed at which the talks with the NPCs progress in each chapter.

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Fortunately I had our old savegames still around:


Chapter two autosave was made after 20 days.

Chapter three after 34 days.

Chapter four after 42 days.

Chapter five after 50.

Final autosave save was made after 77 days.


I think we play quite slowly.

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From my latest playthrough (the third), I have a save from close to the end of Chapter 3 at 32 days; from half way through chapter 4 at 43 days; and a final save from close to the end at 74 days.


I probably missed out completing everything and searching every corner of every map, but there wouldn't have been many chances for XP that I missed out on.

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