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Any Hack N' Slash Mods


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I'm an old style AD&D Hack N' Slash player, and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations. I can't say that I'm very interested in banters [though amusing] or romances. Intrigue and traps are great, but hack n' slash is my favorite. The duelling contests in SoA [slums and Drow locations] were invigorating but not enough [by far - gladiatorial games would be great]. I haven't found many 'see hoard, meet hoard, live or die arrgghh!' type fights available in mods. Any suggestions [bG-TotSC or SoA preferred]??


Also, I've seen pics of the 'Battle of Helm's Deep' total conversion mod; has anyone else tried this one? Orcs swarming over the battlements looked real inviting.


Thanks for any input.



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don't want banters, do want hack'n'slash?


dare i say it, but what you want to install is The Darkest Day: very little banter, lots of quests, all solved by killling everything you can see. there's a weidu version of TDD, v1.11, which is stable and bug-free, too.


i'd also recommend, for big battles, Shadows over Soubar: in between the puzzles and quests are a number of very large battles, and a completely over the top dungeon crawl. SoS is also weidu, also stable and bug-free, also up to v1.11.

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Many thanks to the members for their input so far.


Seanas -

I checked the G3 Downloads section and couldn't find TDD, so I went to BWL which has version 1.10; the forum link there leads to the TDD website which offers a download for version1.0.3. Could you possibly direct me to a link where the ver 1.11 resides? Or is the difference between 1.10 & 1.11 insignificant.


TheWizard -

I bought IWD the same time I purchased BG Orig Saga and SoA-ToB. My hard drive is a smaller one [6gb] so with everything else on it, I only have room to play 1 game at a time. I wasn't sure what I was buying when I purchased it, but thanks to your input I look forward to installing it after I've run the gamit with BG.


Having so far only played BG-TotSC and SoA, I have to admit I prefer the free roam of BG1.


Anymore recommendations, please let me know.


kix :)



I know I sounded a bit blood-thirsty in my original post. But with so much social interaction and 'diplomacy' required by RL; settling problems with the sword or a fireball in a game is what I call - Good Therapy. :)

Besides, is it really fun to have a philosophical discussion or problem solving get- together with - Mindflayers?

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If you want big-scale battle, maybe you can try Bigg Quest Pack for BG2 ToB. It adds battle with maaany enemies :) Also that sort of mods - Tactics improve most of battles (but they're more a mage duel than a real hack'n'slashing).


But if you want real sadistic slashing-killering, just find Icewind dale 1 or 2. Party of heroes against hordes of enemies. Hm... yummy :)

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Could you possibly direct me to a link where the ver 1.11 resides? Or is the difference between 1.10 & 1.11 insignificant.


In general, always go for the latest version of anything (in this case, v1.11). Here are links to TDD-WeiDU and SOS-WeiDU. Enjoy! :)





Coincidentally, you can find plenty of other mods, including The Bigg's Quest Pack, at the IEGMC site. For example, tbquest-v2.02.exe is The Bigg's Quest Pack and it can be found in http://america.iegmc.net/thebigg.

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Thanks Yarpen and Wizard - I picked up TDD and SOS, that should hold me for awhile. By the way Wiz, caught the radio show - it's great.


Kish - I'll pass. It's a no-brainer. Food for thought, never thought for food.



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