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Infinity Engine DLG -> Aurora Engine DLG/NSS

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There was a recommendation I post this here..


I've hacked up a bit of perl code that will read a IE .DLG and spit out a ZZ-Dialog script that can then be attached to a character in the NWN1 toolset to 'emulate' the conversation..


I know 3+way conversations don't quite work, but its a start if someone should really want to try playing with it. It worked for the bit of testing (PS:T -> NWN stuff.) I was doing.


(Yes, its perl, I'm a Linux geek, but it should work with Windows /w the installation of Perl)


There's a bit of a README w/ it. http://home.woh.rr.com/nwmovies its the dlg2nss link.


Hope someone finds it of use..


Email is probably the best way to contact me. (see README)



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