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Ascension & BG2 Fixpack

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In my experience, it doesn't much matter where you put Ascension (as long as you install it prior to any mods that add to it)......


This may or may not be common knowledge, but:


Make sure to open the stats.ids file that comes with Ascension and add a carriage return at the top of the file (ie add a blank line by hitting return key at the top of the file). Otherwise Stats.ids will be messed up and any other mods that refer to it/modify it (ie. script mods such as eSeries) will have compatibility problems.


Weimer should fix this, but...

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Once Detectable Stats is updated, Ascension should be modernized to use it and play a lot more nicely with other mods. Incidentally, the current project on my list is Detectable Stats, hopefully followed by Ascension.


To the original question--Ascension is going to overwrite some of Fixpack's stuffbut nothing major or, really, avoidable in its current state. You might be able to get away with installing Ascension prior to Fixpack, though I would not recommend it.

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