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no voicing in Mac Version?

Guest Tilion

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I was really happy when I saw the Mac Version of Amber. The mod works out well so far but it seems that Ambers voivcing doesn't work. All her replys (for clicking her a.s.o.) are just subtitles. Is this a bug or normal for this version?

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Voicing is definitely not disabled in the Mac version, so I suspect something went awry during installation here. Just to be sure, I did a test install of v2.3 just now and confirmed that voicing is indeed functional. The last part of the Amber installation is sound and tileset conversion, which among other things should result in there being several hundred .wav files prefixed m# in your override folder, e.g. 'm#amb001.wav'. Could you check if such files are actually present in your case?

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Sorry, I didn't realise to say that the apparent lack of voicing is connected to more serious issue that will crash your game when it tried to load the new areas in Amber mod. Thus the missing voicing issue should be addressed, if you plan to keep Amber in your party.

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