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Pocketplane down ?

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Sorry if I am asking this in the wrong Forum but after going through all of them I thought this place might fit the most.


I have tried visiting Pocketplane webside/forum for four days now and the server is always down.


Does anybody know anything about this ? :)


Thanks! :)

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Perhaps the host is more accessible to certain global servers and less accessible to others?
That's entirely possible. The Wizard's Mirror works that way.


Has anyone raised this on PPG? If not I'll do so for the people who can't access it. Only once was I not able to access it, and maybe they were rebooting or something because it came right up the next minute.

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Typically a traceroute (tracert, for Windows users) can help indicate where a connection is breaking down. But yes, the site has generally been up--certainly not down for four days. However, it's always possible that behind the scenes the server operators have taken some sort of action that bans certain ranges of IPs so if you continue to have trouble, PM me the result of your traceroute here and I'll see if it's something on our end.

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I've just recently (within the past few days) noticed some latency on PPG myself. The site will be unavailable for several minutes then come up, sort of on and off. Of course it's fine now and I didn't think to run a traceroute the last time it happened. I'll try to do so if it happens again (though I get a 'icmp socket: Operation not permitted' but I guess that just means I have to allow the traffic through my firewall).

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Anybody else who cannot reach PPG ever, please PM me a traceroute. It's possible that your IP range is being blocked for some reason which only makes sense to server operators and that I can have it corrected--that's actually been the case for one person already.


(tracert pocketplane.net at a Command Prompt window will do.)

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