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[beta 3] Bodhi journal entry inconsistency

Guest erik

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After you first face and defeat Bodhi in chapter 3, the journal entry says, in part:

"[...]seemed to be judging me in some manner before she left in gaseous form."


She actually leaves that scene as a Vampire Bat.

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Hmm. Part of the game text update. Perhaps this would be acceptable, instead?


@1047838 = ~Aran's tasks to receive the Shadow Thieves' aid.

I have defeated the rival guild, full of vampires as it was, and have faced Bodhi. She claimed to know something of Imoen and seemed to be judging me in some manner before she retreated as a vampire bat.  All that remains now is to return to Aran and tell him that the guild is gone, even if their leader remains unkilled. I will have questions for him as well.

One more troubling thing... Bodhi knew. She knew I am a child of Bhaal.~ []

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