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An interesting event


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okay I just can't keep this between me and my D&D group! Last night we had a very interesting adventure. One that involved a suicide mission for my character.


First I will give a little background for our campaign. The characters are Menelanna (elf, now a lvl 4 ranger lvl 1 mage), Eiblen (human, now lvl 5 druid), Lansel (her wolf), and Sir Fredrick (DM char, human lvl 5 paladin of lathander). We are dealing with a drow cult of Naruel (the god of the undead from a different realm than Fearun). They are trying to bring Naruel to Fearun to make him a power equal to that of Lolth or Bane.


Okay backgroung done with. After investigations we find out that the drow have this box with important information in it. We need this box. They are hiding in a cave which can be gotten though a trap door. Druid summons a wind element to scout down there. It finds 20 drow in the common room and the box we need in a locked office. Next the druid hands my character 2 potions we picked up earlier. A potion of invisbility and a potion of spider climb (meaning i can climb was like a spider). She next summons two lesser fire elements to go "hug" the locked wooden door. I then gulp down the two potions turning my elf into an invisible spiderwoman. as I crawl down the shaft the druid drops a tanglefoot bag to trap the drow at the bottom. as i move into the common room crawling on the ceiling, she keeps dropping fire bombs.

Well, I see that the door is indeed on fire and the elements are having a go at it. The drow mage (assumably the one in charge) is yelling. The fighter next to him just stares stupidly at the buring door. He finally produces a key and unlocks and opens the door. The mage dumps water on the door, get rid of the elements. While the door is open i crawl in, still on the ceiling. The mage then leaps into the room, closes the door and pours more water on it. While his back is turned i jump down clear everything off his desk (a map, a nice array of spells and the box) and get back on the ceiling. (i sure do love having +14 to my move silently!). When he opens the door again, I crawl out again. Of course when he turns around he is less than pleased to see his desk cleared of all it contents. While the choas continues I crawl as fast as I can to get out of there. Get to my druid friend. We go grab our paladin and keep running until we are several miles away.

During this entire time my heart was beating so hard! I was so scared about what would happen if my invis wore off (only lasts five minutes) or if they had cast detect magic or true sight. It was loads of fun to do, but not something I want to repeat anytime soon!

I just had to let this little adventure be know. Man this was fun!

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And that's why PnP will survive for quite a while yet. Being able to use that kind of combination in a computer game is a long way off.



We are dealing with a drow cult of Naruel (the god of the undead from a different realm than Fearun). They are trying to bring Naruel to Fearun to make him a power equal to that of Lolth or Bane.

If you can't beat them,you could always help them. Just one more source of internal conflict for the drow.

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true that PnP D&D is much better than any computer D&D game.

Ummm...BigRob. Just to say. Why would we want to join with the drow? I play as a ranger who's favored enemy is the drow. We also have a druid in the mix. The drow are raising the undead to walk the lands. Undead are seen as abominations to rangers and druids (not to mention the DM's paladin that is working with us). Lastly the drow want to establish a stronghold on the surface, in the ELVEN forest! That is the last thing that Menelanna (my ranger) wants to see, being a surface elf herself. Lastly having another evil power in Faerun would cause a more trouble than the Time of Troubles did (or so says the abbet of the church of Lathander).


I really can't wait to see what our DM has planned for us girls next week. (we are a small group. two girls and our DM). I think we have to face hill giants next...

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Well, of course you don't want them raising those undead in the forest, but if you can convince these guys that Lolth wants Naruel deader than a dead thing (not too much of a stretch that) and they're coming very soon, you might get the drow to overreact and eliminate themselves...


The enemy of my enemy is a great way to get him killed so I can loot his body at full hitpoints. ;)


Just a thought.

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mmm that may work. Except for the fact that these drow we are dealing with are all males without a house. And it would be suicide for us to find Lolth serving drow to match against the Naruel serving drow renegades. The only way we see to defeat them is to foil their plans. Which means we need to destroy their little shrine (we have already destroyed one of them). And keep them from getting all the pieces of this artifact they are seeking. Hopefully we will get our hands on one of the pieces soon since we now know where one is.

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one suicide mission is enough for me thank you very much! but think I most likely will be doing most of the extreemly dangerous work, since I am the party scout. Sometimes it is not fun being the scout...cause if you get caught you are most likely dead unless you are a fast runner.

has been several weeks since we last were able to play...i sure hope to meet with my group again. I wanna know what our DM has planned for us!!!

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