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Thieves being short-changed

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I've tried creating new thieves of various kits in both SoA and ToB, and I think their thief points are being short-chanegd by a level. Here's why:


(I have the Ease of use patch, Unfinished business, and the quest pack installed.)


Thieves get 25 skill points/level, and assassins 15, so a thief of the same level should get 10 points more than the assassin. I've created new characters of each kit in SoA and starting thieves get 215 points to spend, assassins 145. That's a difference of 70. Since they differ by 10 points/level, that equals (70/10) 7 levels of thieving points, but a starting character in SoA gets 89 000 experience to start. That equals a level 8 thief. ;)


It also happens in ToB. Starting thieves get 540 points, assassins 340, a difference of 200. 200/10=20. Starting characters get 2 500 000 experience, or a level 21 thief.


Assuming my logic is corrrect, has anyone else noticed this? Does a patch currently exist?

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Think of it this way:


A level eight thief would have (25 * 8) = 200 skill points to start with, and they're getting 215 - this isn't a shortchange ;)


What's actually happening is thieves (and kits) get forty skill points for level one (kind of, the engine handles this in a strange way where you get some bonus points upon class/kit selection and then get the standard points by level).


It's hardcoded - there are possible workarounds for it, but there's every evidence that you're getting the extra skill points on purpose.

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