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New Mods Released

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The Gibberlings Three is pleased to announce two new mods available for download.


Improved BAMs

This is a mod for Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale created by NiGHTMARE and Andyr that I have repackaged with a WeiDU installer. A large number of the Baldur's Gate inventory graphics (BAMs) were improved for the sequel, so I decided to create this small pack that puts them back into the original. It will also work with Icewind Dale, as that re-uses many BG1 items.

NPC Beautification

These portraits were done by NiGHTMARE and packaged in WeiDU by Icelus. They provide a series of alternative portraits for many of the Bioware NPCs. A preview of the portraits can be found in NiGHTMARE's section of the Portraits page.

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