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All ur CamDawg r belong 2 us


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So Cam's been around Britain this past week, and was foolish enough to express a desire to meet up with me... here's a photo, shortly before I clubbed him over the back of the head and dragged him back to my dungeon.


He's up to Scotland tomorrow, in case anyone's there that he didn't know about! He's a great guy and it was a pleasure to meet him and his wife. ;)


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I agree with Icelus - how dare you look good, be having fun, be in a solid comfortable pub (probably drinking warm Guiness and some pretty nice Scotch, or at least some decent cider) while the rest of us hang around the forums pining away to a mere shadow, full of existential angst and decidedly cold, thin Rolling Rock...


(OK, so I extrapolated... ;) Glad to see you guys having fun!)

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I guess now it's my turn. I met up with Cam yesterday, and we went out for a traditional student night out: curry and a few beers. I'll second Andy's comment about Cam being a great and generous guy. It's a shame Mrs Dawg couldn't make it up to Scotland as well.


We were joined today by Alarielle, and we all went out for an amazing lunch (and surprisingly enough, more alcohol) at one of our local themed bars: Jekyll and Hyde's. Unfortunately we didn't get a photo in the pub (as Alarielle curled up into a ball whenever we tried), but here's a last minute photo taken at the station before we parted ways (ignore the blurry guy in the background ;)):


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I saw the pic before reading the post, and thought that lovely woman between you might be Mrs Dawg, but I see from the picture on Cam's profile page that while Mrs Dawg is also a lovely woman, she is not Alarielle.


It looks like you're having a good time. ;)

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