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NWN2 persistent world project: Exodus


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First, I just wanted to say that over the last year or so I enjoyed myself thoroughly with the wealth of Baldur's Gate mods that this community has produced. Just fantastic work! I'm floored by the drive and creativity of the modding community in general, and the folks here in particular. I'm grateful to those of you who listened to my neverending list of mod ideas. Hopefully my enthusiasm and eagerness to playtest made up for my naivete about how much labor is required to realize most mod concepts. ;)


But the last year and a half has also been something of a diversion for me while I waited for NWN2 to be released. I've spent it carefully planning a NWN2 peristent world along with a very talented and experienced group of D&D hobbyists/CRPG players/NWN persistent world builders. Now that we finally have the game in hand, we're getting down to the actual building.


Our persistent world is called Exodus: Shadows of the South. We're beginning with a single server region located in central Amn. Eventually we are almost certain to build two futher server regions to the south to include Tethyr and the Calim desert/Calimport. From there, player density and toolset permitting, ideally we would like to add also the Shaar/Great Rift, Halruaa, Dambrath/Lurien.


One of the most exciting things about our starting server is the canon setting of Amn in early winter of 1370, where our tale unfolds. Three months earlier central Amn was reeled by the surprise invasion by an army of monsters led by the ogre mage Sythillis. This just as Amn was sending its armies to the south to try to reign in the secession of its southernmost communities to Tethyr. Unthinkably to its citizens, the wealthiest and most civilized land in Faerun seems nearly on the brink.


The stage is so beautifully set for epic events at that time in Amn's history that we decided not to feature the canon material updating to the year 1373 that is set forth in Power of Faerun. In our gameworld, beginning from the Feast of the Moon, (13 Nightal), 1370, history will be written interactively by our talented DM staff and the PCs inhabiting in the gameworld. PCs may be aligned with either side of the war.


We take special pride in how much attention to canon detail we are giving the animation of this fabulous setting. Those who may be interested in adventuring at Exodus definitely should take a look at our Lore site, and the Exodus Player Handbook (simply register on the forums to view that material).


Exodus is a permadeath, roleplaying-intensive persistent world, with slow leveling. It requires submission of a simple applciation, and is geared for mature players who appreciate the subtleties of a setting, a good story, and character development. With all of Amn's intrigue, and the war, there will be plenty of opportunity for combat. But it is not a place for hack 'n slash powergamers who are uninteretsed in roleplaying. The demographic we have attracted is so far over the age of 28.


With the wonderful creativity and roleplaying sensibilities I've seen expressed here, I think that many of you would enjoy either playing or DMing at Exodus. If you have any interest in participating with a NWN2 persistent world, please give us a look!

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Hope I'm not out of line in posting this...


Here's a link to our newsletter for any who may be curious about how the project is progressing.


In our site's Links section, I'd very much like to include a blurb about Gibberlings 3 in addition to just the link. If a staff member here wants to pen one, and maybe includes a banner as well, I'll happliy add those to Exodus' Links section. :)

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