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IWD Bard Spells

Guest grogerson

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Guest grogerson

I've a lawful neutral bard, 30th level now (second time through the game), but I've found she can't place four spells into her spellbook. She has every other spell except these:


Second level:

Detect Evil (SCRL86, SPWI202)

Decastave (SCDECA, SPWI221)


Fourth level:

Improved Invisibility (SCRL1Y, SPWI405)

Shadow Monsters (SCSHAD, SPWI418)


Not being a modder, I've no idea where to look to fix these spells so a bard can scribe them into the spellbook. Can it be done with NI, and if so, how?


Would this be a possible fix in the next Dale Tweaks release?

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First of all, your spellbook isn't full for those levels or something like that? From an engine perspective I've no idea whether that's even possible (I rarely play spellcasters).


I don't have IWD so I can only give you theoretical information. There are 2 things I can think of offhand that would affect this - the scroll usability and the "learn" effect.


1) In NI, open the ITM folder and scroll down to one of these, click on it, click the Edit tab, then click on the "Unusable by" field. Bard should not be checked, nor should any alignment of your char. Though you should've been able to tell that in-game from the icon, and whether you could otherwise cast the spell from the scroll, but might as well double-check.


2) Scroll all the way down - you should see a couple "Item ability" fields. One is to cast the spell, one is to learn it. If the latter is missing or set incorrectly, that could be the issue.

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Guest grogerson

The usability field on the scrolls is correct.


As for the item ability fields, they're both present but I've no idea what coding may be incorrectly set. Comparing the problem spells with working ones I see nothinn major missing or additional. However, not being a modder I probably couldn't detect it anyway.


Any other ideas I can check out, possibly with DLTCEP?

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Guest grogerson

Never mind, I found the problem (puts paper bag over head in shame)...


Mage - 20 intelligence (Chautog's Thinker = +2 intelligence)

Bard - 18 intelligence (potion increased to 21, able to learn and put in spellbook)


Thanks for your help anyway :p

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