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is your mod big picture compatible?

Guest Joakim

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i love your mod's component 'give edwin to red wizard', 'give mazzy to avoreen's true sword', 'give anomen to priest of helm' and 'give minsc to rashmaar ranger'. is these components compatible with big picture?

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PR! I'ts all in a name... :p


I think that the Fixpack should be renamed "The Comprehensive BG2 Rebuild Project"


Sword and Fist = "The Biggest Swords and Jackie Chan Complete Rebuild"


BGT = "The Complete and Total Anthology Mod"


Tutu = "Ultimate Comprehensive Fantastic Baldur's Gate 1, Platinum Version"


ok, it was completely off topic, but it felt good to say. I am fine with BP, it is alot of work by folks who want to mod the game their own way. I just don't understand how any human being can actually understand every single component of a regular BG2 install and how they all interact, let alone the different sets of coding quirks putting together that many different mods under one umbrella install. I have no idea how to even begin checking to see if a mod could be compatible with BP; unless by compatible we mean "yep, it installs without crashing your game. No clue whether you are getting our content, mod X's, mod y's, or some combination of the above. No clue, sorry -"


I guess it is like pulling together an army with "found" weapons - you need to be stocked with ammunition fro everything from 17th C black powder muskets to modern weapons of all separate calibers, then figure out what the ranges and accuracy components are, then...


ok, I need a cup of coffee :p Sim or Cam, please feel free to delete this completely off topic post -

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unless by compatible we mean "yep, it installs without crashing your game.

Well, you'll find differing definitions of compatibility depending on where you go.


At PPG, things are compatible if Kelsey doesn't start flirting with men.


At G3, things are compatible if implemented with an algorithm inductively proven to account for every possible eventuality.


At ShS, things are compatible if anyone understands the install procedure.


At BWL, things are compatible if the Mother Country tells you they are compatible.

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