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First off, I don't mind the idea of an Imoen Romance myself, even if I do think that Mirrabo could have stayed a bit more true to her character.


The first thing I have to say is you may wish to put spaces between what would be different paragraphs. It does make reading a little easier.


I must admit I do enjoy seeing a short vignette that didn't have them worrying about some supernatural threat, or monster jumping up and at them. And yes, the idea of a picnic was good, as well as Arlin's own growing awareness of the changes of Imoen.


And if he reacted that way to her, that is alright. I mean, it's not until BG II one finds out they are siblings.


Heh, and it was good to see even Imoen could be momentarily discomfited by a caterpillar.


And the ending was well done. Giving a slight tense as to who the two eyes might belong to, but instead just a bird waiting for them to go on.

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Thanks guys. I just had a bit of inspiration and decided to write a bit. I'll edit in some spaces. :)

I'm glad you liked the magpie too, I thought a little tension would offset the carefree nature of the story. Until you found out what the "threat" was. :rant:

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