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Looking for a voice actor for Eranon NPC mod, ~ 40 lines


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Shamelessly crossposting, because I can...


I should really be able to get something playable released soon, since all I've needed for ages has been a voice actor. Anyone able to help, and get a voiceset recorded in the next few weeks?


I'm looking for something along the lines of Dak'kon from Planescape:Torment, but not quite so old and gruff. A very level-headed character, doesn't lose his cool, and not extravagant and showy.


If you're interested, send me a few samples (preferably in .ogg format). Here's some lines to try:


~Please, adventurers... hear me.~ [A!E01]

~I am because I must be.~ [A!E0001]

~Your life shall end!~ [A!E0002]

~This is no way for a Githzerai to fall in battle!~

~The crossing of our paths was a most fortuitous event.~

~I... have met wiser folk, in my time.~

~Zerthimon would not approve of this company.~ [A!E05]

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