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Tutu/BGT Area Map & List

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Miloch, wicked cool :p


And helpful... I was looking for this last night when integrating Xan into BG1 NPC, and now i can do the job right without bothering pro5, Chev, Sir BillyBob, or Ascension64!

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At the moment, I have FW1906 (Tent3 in the Bandit Camp) planned as the 'prison' location for my Fallen Paladin NPC Mod.


Not that it would be a really big problem for other mod characters to be added there, by the way, as long as they wouldn't be bothered by the presence of a couple of bandit guards.

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FW3200 (High Hedge) - replaces the linkings to the abandoned house.

FW3201 (Abandoned House) - Um, replaces it.

These are both on the list already. Or are you using them for a mod?
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