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Bioware's depiction of Athkatla is terrible

Guest braden

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But I am very tempted with NWN2 after I am done with IWD2.
Of course, designing art that can be seen from multiple perspectives would be more complex too (though again... rendering/cloning tools, 3DS, yeah, but still more complex than BG-style bitmaps). FWIW, there is a visual terrain editor built in the Electron toolset (the one with frequent crashes and apparent lack of support :p).
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We'll see. At least it's designed to do that sort of things. If it's unworkable, then it's unworkable. But at least it's hope for guys like me who can't do graphics. NWN1 was ugly but it was simple in terms of slapping together primitive maps. I want mostly forest areas anyway, so less nightmares with hanging doors :p

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