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tethyr druid grove

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Guest fallen_demon

i know this mod is enough work as is and you'll want to shoot me for recomending a new sidequest, but both Jahiera and Cernd come from druid groves in tethyr (from the way these things work presumably the same one) and in soa Jahiera even mentions that it would be nice to return. But in tob theres not even a single dialouge relating to it. Even if theres not a large scale sidequest i would imagine that they would want to visit the place they grew up if in the area, maybe with something minor to do, and since you were doing npc quests in tob i figured i would post it.

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Cernd's description in the game manual says he comes from "a grove to the south of Amn, in the land of Tethyr." I don't remember what he says in the game, but he doesn't seem to know Jaheira very well, so I doubt they're meant to come from the same grove.

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I seem remember Cernd's equipment (and Bio, I think) mentioning the High Forest, which is up near the Waterdeep/Luskan area, but a fair way inland. It might not be specifically referring to that forest, but it's the only High Forest I know.

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Cernd has the Staff and the Cloak of the High Forest, but the item descriptions don't say that he was actually in the High Forest when he got them. Also, his bio makes no mention of where he is from. All we have to go on is what is mentioned in the game manual.

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Plus this, in his joining dialog:


Cernd: Hello and well met to you. I am Cernd, though my identity is surely no secret after the fuss I have caused here.


Cernd: You look pleasant enough; are you friends of that charming Lord Coprith? I've made very few friends among the merchants.


PC: Lord Coprith sent me. I am to escort you out of town and help in any way I can.


Cernd: He seemed less prone to rash action, though the merchants had little reason to trust me. I arrived not long after an attack so it must have seemed suspicious.


Cernd: I should have crept quietly as the vine instead of blustering as the wind. On occasion I forget the subtleties that allows nature to progress.


Cernd: Ahh, the blight shall pass and I will return to cultivate better relations when the time is right.


PC: What has poisoned their opinions? Their leader is sensible enough.


Cernd: I am Cernd, as I said, sent from the north to investigate why the druid order of this region has severed its ties with the traditional hierarchy.



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Well, I suppose his actual in-game dialogue gets the last word here :)


But half of the original post still stands: it would be nice if Jaheira's home grove was somehow included, or at least mentioned, in ToB.

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I was just looking through the ToB banters, when I noticed an Aerie/Cernd one that answers the question of where Cernd's grove is:


Aerie: Cernd? Don't you miss your old grove? You don't speak of it at all.


Cernd: Oh, I miss my old grove, Aerie. I once had an odd and strangely colored rash caused by an abishai bush that I had an unfortunate encounter with, and I miss that just as much.


Aerie: You can't have liked your old grove very much, then. I can't imagine anyone missing a rash at all.


Cernd: On the contrary, my dear, it was a rather extraordinary rash.


Aerie: (sigh) I was just wondering if you missed your old grove, Cernd. Must all your answers be so cryptic? I'm almost too tired to wonder what you mean, sometimes.


Cernd: It wasn't my purpose to be cryptic, my dear. My time with my grove in Cormyr was both fascinating and a little uncomfortable. I enjoyed the company of my peers, but I never quite fit in, you see.


Cernd: The Great Druid there did not have much of a liking for me, you see. So while I learned much and appreciate the time I spent at the grove, in the end I am glad that I have not returned to it.


Aerie: Like your rash. Interesting, but you're glad it's gone?


Cernd: Exactly. See, that wasn't so difficult now, was it?

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