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Is G3 still Hosting Mods?


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1. Is a host request procedure documented somewhere?


2. For mods in process:


a) Ideally when should a request to host be made? alpha release? full release?

b) since it seems there is a democratic process involved in deciding whether to host, or not. How does one gage a successful outcome to that request? I wouldn't bother making the request if there just isn't any interest in it. As it stands the only feedback I get is from the polls I start (<15 responses doesn't make me feel very comfortable about getting my mod hosted).

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Please don't read this as any sort of official policy, but when hosting requests come up I look more favourably on those which demonstrate already having some code--or at the very least someone who can and will definitely code it. I'd say that having an alpha that can be tried would strengthen the application, in my mind.

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I'd say that having an alpha that can be tried would strengthen the application, in my mind.
Not that I have anything to say in this regard, but I second this approach. No offence meant, but there are too many (often very promising) mods with own forums that die long before any alpha state. It has reached a state where I can't get excited about new project ideas because I do not want to get disappointed again.
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I agree with Andy. A mod that is close to completion and has demos is easier to look at and discuss objectively as opposite to just an idea. As a person guilty of dropping mods myself, I'd say that applying for hosting when you actually do need a forum for working on the particuliarities of the mod as opposite to the generalities that can be discussed in well... general forums is a good idea from the prospective applicant prespective also. People often tire of waiting too long and the 'This mod dead,' is nothing pleasent to announce....

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So what is the best thing to do when you do have a working alpha?


For example: Gavin's alpha is done, installs, and works just fine on a Windows XP ToSC/ToB install for friendship path, but I don't consider the mod done because the romance path isn't finished, I have to add a soundset, and refine the combat script for the quest.

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@berelinde: viewers may have a passing interest; but those who take the time to respond, you know if they're interested, or not.


@ icelus: 1 year? Is that an extreme case? A lot can happen in a year... the developer may have moved on to other things in that time frame.. or worse. :p


@ jastey: The reason I talk about it in the forums is to 1) gage interest; 2) gain a different perspective; 3) get a supportive ear when I'm stuck, etc. Those that stay close to the project will know if progress is being made. :p

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