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Is G3 still Hosting Mods?


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@EiriktheScald: Don't get me wrong, it's good to post ideas and get feedback, sometimes it's essential. But until the alpha is ready, the general mod discussion forum is sufficient for that, imho. Once there is an own forum, people tend to spend too much time with threads titled "ask MyNPC" and "what you never wanted to know about MyNPC" and "choose your next spoiler, if I ever going to write it". Sometimes I have the impression once a forum is opened, there is more talk about the idea than modding progress. I have seen that happen a couple of times, and I am not sure what the reasons are. Do people get sidetracked with a forum, because they want to maintain it properly, spending too much time answering all sorts of questions, or is it more that people open forums in the times of highest motivation, only to find soon afterwards that it is a lot of work, needing discipline to finish by doing the things that are not as much fun as well, and that RL is still present with a day only having 24 hrs.

I did that mistake myself, btw., by opening a forum for Ajantis. I made a one-day NPC a public download, opened a forum to discuss the improvements I wanted to add, and then got sidetracked by all sorts of other modding projects - for 1 1/2 years. I had to post the "sorry, no progress, this mod is currently sleeping" messages myself, and it was no fun.


Oops, this got a rather longish post. Let me add: I definitely do not mean to discourage anyone on posting ideas. :p

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So what is the best thing to do when you do have a working alpha?


For example: Gavin's alpha is done, installs, and works just fine on a Windows XP ToSC/ToB install for friendship path, but I don't consider the mod done because the romance path isn't finished, I have to add a soundset, and refine the combat script for the quest.


If you want a forum, then I'd suggest thinking about where you'd like the mod to be and contacting the relevant admin with some emails and a link to the alpha (or the offer of sending it on). Or you might decide you don't want to have a discussion forum, which is also fine. I kind of wish I didn't have forums for some of the projects I've started in the past, as lack of activity looks bad, and the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglay...

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I'll add that having a forum on very early stages of development can affect the things negatively because of one more reason: percieved lack of interest due to low participation - somehow it grates more when your forum is empty, compared to just a thread that went to the dreaded page 2 in the General with the whole of three replies. Number of downloads on most mods exceeds the number of people who post in the forums by a few orders of magnitude.

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Currently, I'm scrambling to get my old website back up and running. Got that far. Can't find my passwords, so I can't upload anything at this point, but I'll put a call in to tech support in the morning and see if I can get them reset. 'Course I don't remember how to set it up to handle downloads, but I'm rusty with the old html. I've got some up there already, so I must have figured it out at one point, but I haven't touched it in 2 years.



Edit: if nothing else, this is a valuable exercise in skill retrieval. I used to know how to do that kind of thing.


CMS applies suction. (Won't tell you what the C stands for, but the MS is Memory Syndrome.)

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It must be his blank expression, 'cause that one flew right over my head.
We're talking about a guy who hosts here a mini-mod restoring the "summon cow" spell (see my comment immediately after his).


I agree with everyone who has been saying a hosting forum is of minor importance to the mod development itself. Not only that, but the forum can be counterproductive to actually completing the mod, a lot of which involves tedious drudgery rather than idea gathering (though the forums of course are great for that). Domi is right - you shouldn't gauge interest in a mod via forum responses. Even if there is little interest (which I doubt), you should be doing it for yourself - that's the main thing that matters. And I wouldn't worry either about getting it hosted - there's this:

There are plenty of people who will host the download, and Cam's a whore when it comes to hosting.
Now I dunno if that's true, but it's always great quoting Sim out of context. :p And if G3 isn't willing to pick it up once it gets to a point where it can be hosted, I'll host it on my own server. In fact, I'm already doing that (well not publicly, and just for the items I've done for your mod... but still... no hay problema). :p
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