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Cant install on OSX

Guest arrrg

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I downloaded the bg2fixpack and unrared into the BGII directory. When I doubleclick on Setup-bg2fixpack.command as instructed Terminal replies "The .command file "blah/blah/BGII - SoA/Setup-bg2fixpack.command" could not open. Most likely it is not executable."


What does this mean and what do I do? I am entirely clueless so simple advice gratefully received! :p

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I've encountered this error several times (fellow Mac user). Apparently when they do the conversion from PC to Mac, the executable identifier is lost. You will have to set the executable manually using chmod.


In the terminal type 'chmod +x filename' and press enter. This will set the executable bit for the filename you specified.

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Thanks for the sage wisdom!


Alas I'm still floundering.


Now I get a:


Welcome to Darwin!

blahblah/Applications/Games/BGII\ -\ SoA/Setup-bg2fixpack.command; exit

/Applications/Games/BGII - SoA/Setup-bg2fixpack.command: line 3: ./Setup-bg2fixpack: Permission denied


[Process completed]


Any further thoughts?


-smiles pathetically-

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Yaaaaay hopefully not speaking to soon but sure enough expanding with Stuffit seems to do uh what Gorilym suggested it might ie. work.


Plus I learnt how do to some stuff in Terminal~


Thanks guys for the advice much appreciated!!

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