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Small logic glitch with Imoen and Gorion's burial

Guest Freelance Cynic

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Guest Freelance Cynic



I'd like to report a little glitch, which you can reproduce by following these steps:


1. Exit Candlekeep.

2. Pickup Imoen.

3. Pickup the letter on Gorion's body, this triggers the "Is that Gorion's body..." dialog with Imoen.

4. Go back to Candlekeep to ask the gate watcher to bury Gorion.

5. Go back to the zone east of Candlekeep.


Step 5 will trigger the "Is that Gorion's letter..." dialog with Imoen (since you have it with you) as soon as you enter the zone. This is basicaly exactly the same dialog as you had before, but with a few extra lines at the end about not being able to attend the burial.


I don't know the code, but I guess that dialog1 should set that variable that dialog2 checks for and if it's present, it should skip to the end part about missing the burial without repeating itself first. But I could be wrong... :p

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Nope, you are right on the money -- I have some post about a hotfix for the burial, but I believe the hotfix actually makes this problem worse. I need to rejigger the whole darned thing before the next Beta. I tried a quick playtest and was able to get her to say both banters too :p I am logging this and will attempt repair. Right now it is set up as a patch of a patch, and leaves too many loopholes. I will work on this this coming week as I can and post my progress here, so anyone really itching to repair it can copy/paste into their own install.

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