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Paladins losing certain special abilities

Storm Rider

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I am not sure if this a result of a mod change, a bug in one of the mods, a bug in the game or just something that is supposed to happen. I noticed recently that my Paladin's abilities to Draw Upon Holy Might, Slow Poison and Cure Light Wounds have vanished. The only things left are Detect Evil, Protection From Evil and the new Slayer Change. It may have happened earlier but I first noticed it when I entered the Asylum (Spellhold). Around that time my Paladin gained a level and I had the ability to learn low level Priest spells. I can now memorise all Level 1 spells (and have Cure Light Wounds from there) but I have lost those that were automatically given to my character in the first place.


Can anybody shed any light on this? I could put them back with Shadowkeeper I think, but I prefer not to hack the game if I can help it.



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You know, it would make sense if you got them back after defeating Irenicus and regaining your soul at the end of SoA. But by the time you get to ToB, you'd hardly notice.


I agree that it'd make sense. However, seeing as the bhaalspawn powers added by Ascension are much more useful, it's no big deal IMHO.

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Ah, I didn't know that they were Bhaalspawn abilities. I always thought they were Paladin abilities, similar to the Lay On Hands ability (which my Undead Hunter doesn't have). I always thought Draw Upon Holy Might was one especially, particularly as a Cleric can have that spell.

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