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Problem with BG2 Tweak Pack?


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I think I might be having a problem with the BG2 Tweak pack.


I'm a first time player of the BG2 game and to make things simple all I planned on adding for mods was the patch (of course) and the fixpack and the some of the tweak pack items.


I installed the game & patches, then played for a few hours. :D


I then installed the Fix Pack. Which went smooth. It prompted me if I wanted to install all these optional fixes and it installed only the ones I stated.


I try to install the Tweak Pack. It starts up just like the Fix Pack and places all these folders and files into my SoA folder. Then a DOS window pops up, quickly prints some text and then just as quickly closes. I don't have time to read it and I don't get to choose anything to actually install. Am I doing something wrong?



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What BigRob wrote. It's a feature of weidu. You have to run Tweaks again to actually install stuff, if you haven't done so already.


How can you know if a mod installed? Read the weidu.log file in your BG2 folder.


Be aware that some, if not most, of the additions made by a mod will not be applied to a saved game. In other words, you usually should install what you want before starting a new game.


I applaud you on taking a simple approach on installing mods, being that you're a first-timer.

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Ouch... so I'm going to have to start over? I guess it is not to big of a deal. I think I'm actually like 10-12 hours into the game... or something like that.


Suppose it is worth it though hehe.


Thanks for the tips. I'll check that log file and also try running it again.


Edit: I did have to run it again. I didn't notice the .exe in the root folder and before when I tried to re-run it I was using the batch file from the tweaks folder. Thanks!!!

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