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This one takes place after the PC chides Imoen for messing with Tarnesh' Spellbook:



/*Tarnesh's Spellbook*/

Eirik: Imoen, <CHARNAME> speaks wisely. Among my people, the runethanes work the arts of magic through ancient symbols of power. They take the supernatural powers of the runes seriously. Let no one carve runes to cast a spell, save first they learn to read them well.


Imoen: I 'spose yer right. What about these... runethanes, did you call them?


Eirik: The runethanes hold positions of great importance. King Hallbjorn, of the House of Magnor, is a clever hunter and clever with weapons as well. But he is also a runecaster -- he can stop storms, understand the birds, ease sorrows and give peace to the mind.


Imoen: Eirik, just between you and me, <CHARNAME> could use some peace of mind right now.

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AFAIK: no. You can check for the presence of the scroll in party inventory. With Gavin, I set a timer to start the dialog a minute after the scroll appears in inventory. This allows the pc to scoop up the loot without having the inventory slam shut and dialog start (like with Gorion's scroll).


Gavin doesn't check for Tarnesh's scroll, btw: the party will likely have dealt with T before acquiring G.

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Imoen's script triggers first, and as quickly as the scroll is put in inventory. The interjection above would be appended to hers, I'm guessing. Then I would need to pause, to allow the player to read the scroll and continue the dialog with the PC.


I think it's better to code this stuff separately. Otherwise that'll be crossmod banter without the orignal author's agreement.

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I think she means the entire interjection into Imoen's dialog, because you're interjecting into BG1 NPC material.


That's why Gavin will react, for example, to finding Karlat's scroll, but will not interject into Ajantis's commentary on it.


From a practical standpoint, interjecting into mods is a bad idea because then installation order is a factor.


If you install BG1 NPC first, _IMOEN2 187 (or whatever) is her Tarnesh interjection. If you install Eirik first, _IMOEN2 187 is going to be something completely different. And if you install Gavin before Eirik or BG1 NPC, who knows where Imoen's Tarnesh interjection will fall.


I think checking for BG1 NPC variables, on the other hand, like X#BranwenRomanceActive, or whatever, is a different matter entirely :D

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