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Bug or scrambled strings


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I posted that on SH, but the bug most probably caused by assigning condition on top of the direct EXTERN CHAIN. This is something to be avoided - otherwise if install order/weighting aren't perfect, that condition enables the dialogue block to be the dialogue initiating line and it WILL pop up on Dialogue()/Interact() call from the script for ANOTHER dialogue, if it ends up high on DLG and its condition is fullfilled.


In other words, somewhere on eldoth script there is a scripted dialogue (possibly with Kiv), but the newly innagurated conditional CHAIN pops up instead.

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Followed up in that thread; I definitely had a bonehead moment there :D I will keep the conversation going over there, since it is a BGT problem/challenge I created and now need to fix. Thank you for helping out!


Off topic - I am scrambling to get as much stuff as I can into a Beta4, then i want to really finally do the reward thing and to a full run of the Saga. That means i might just be trying out IWD2 in July, complete with DomiMod... I am loooking forward to it.

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