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Jaheira bug fix not working

Guest V

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I've got the Jaheira bug where talking to the guy to end the quest acts like she's never talked to him before. I found a post of someone else who'd had the problem, and they listed




as the fix. I've got cheats enabled properly for TuTu, it comes up and everything fine, but when I input this line, nothing happens. I suppose it's great for exploiting 500 xp, but I'd like to actually finish this quest. :D

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That looks really, really wrong. It's very unusual for variables that aren't LTs to go up that high.


Are you sure it shouldn't be a 3 after that "GLOBAL"?


I'll take a few minutes to look it up right now, if it is in the documentation.

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I'm going to point you to a link to Jaheira's Quest solutions page. That should enable you to get the information you need while not spoiling everyone who can manage not to click a link for the sake of clicking a link.


If, after reading the solutions page you're still stumped, please post a follow-up.


Please post a follow-up anyway.


I'm sure the bugfixers want to know what broke in your game that forced you to resort to the console to fix her quest in the first place, but I'm sure you're more interested in getting back on track.


If you wouldn't mind, though, could you keep your save with the broken quest? It is possible someone may want a look at it. Just start saving in a new slot.


Here's the link:



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OK, let me take a look... are you using v11 or v12Beta3, and are you using Tutu v4, EasyTutu, or BGT?


I can start with the Beta3 on EasyTutu answer -

if you set X#JaheiraSen to any of this set of numbers {26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34} SeniyadReward is supposed to fire when you talk to Seniyad. If it is either 5 or 8, you have hit one of the common nodes where you might think things are finished, and if you talk to him he will say something about finishing stuff up:


[edit - berelinde beat me! that is a very good thing, though I need to remember to check who is posting before jumping in :D ]



(highlight to read)

@162 = ~I urge you to look for Beador and Maretha, if you are friends to the druids of Cloakwood.~


Now, there is a pathway where the conversation goes to tweak Jaheira; it looks like the party will walk away with little, but in the end Seniyad relents --


The xp reward should be 5000, not 500, so that leads me to believe


relevant code:

IF ~OR(2) Global("X#JaheiraSen","GLOBAL",5) Global("X#JaheiraSen","GLOBAL",8)~ SenQuestPrompt
SAY @162

IF ~GlobalGT("X#JaheiraSen","GLOBAL",26) GlobalLT("X#JaheiraSen","GLOBAL",35)~ SeniyadReward
SAY @164
+ ~Class(Player1,DRUID_ALL)~ + @165 DO ~SetGlobal("X#JaheiraSen","GLOBAL",35)~ + SEReward1.1D
+ ~!Class(Player1,DRUID_ALL)~ + @165 DO ~SetGlobal("X#JaheiraSen","GLOBAL",35)~ + SEReward1.1
++ @166 DO ~SetGlobal("X#JaheiraSen","GLOBAL",35)~ + SEReward1.2

IF ~~  SEReward1.1D
SAY @167
= @168
IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddexperienceParty(5000) GiveItemCreate("X#JACLUB",Player1,1,0,0) SetGlobal("SeniyadXP","GLOBAL",1) Shout(3) EscapeArea()~

IF ~~ SEReward1.2
SAY @170
+ ~Class(Player1,DRUID_ALL)~ + @171 + SEReward1.3D
+ ~!Class(Player1,DRUID_ALL)~ + @171 + SEReward1.3
+ ~Class(Player1,DRUID_ALL)~ + @172 + SEReward1.3D
+ ~!Class(Player1,DRUID_ALL)~ + @172 + SEReward1.3
++ @173 + SEReward1.4

IF ~~ SEReward1.3D
SAY @174
= @175
IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddexperienceParty(5000) GiveItemCreate("X#JACLUB",Player1,1,0,0) SetGlobal("SeniyadXP","GLOBAL",1) Shout(3) EscapeArea()~

IF ~~ SEReward1.4
SAY @176
= @177
IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddexperienceParty(10000) GiveItemCreate("X#JACLUB","jaheira",1,0,0) SetGlobal("SeniyadXP","GLOBAL",1) Shout(3) EscapeArea()~ JOURNAL @169 EXIT


== _JAHEIJ @179
== _SENIYA @180
DO ~AddexperienceParty(5000) GiveItemCreate("X#JACLUB",Player1,1,0,0) SetGlobal("SeniyadXP","GLOBAL",1) Shout(3) EscapeArea()~

== _JAHEIJ @179
== _SENIYA @182
DO ~AddexperienceParty(5000) GiveItemCreate("X#JACLUB",Player1,1,0,0) SetGlobal("SeniyadXP","GLOBAL",1) Shout(3) EscapeArea()~


If setting the variable and then talking to Seniyad again doesn't work, (or even if it does!) please .rar a savegame up and send it along with your weidu.log to svowles at comcast dot net, and I will try troubleshooting it :)

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As usual, complicated story lines with multiple solutions = good storytelling = misconceptions about the "true path" = more room for problems!


In v11, there was less prompting, so folks though the quest would run 1 way and post a problem when they had just not done the quest completely (the common one was killing the "A" dude in the tree, then posting that the quest was broken because they had "killed the archdruid" - when, of course, they had killed *one* of the ADs, the wrong one!

Plus, Jaheira acting correctly resulted in rep gains for good parties, prompting the quest to randomly break off because of too high a party reputation.

Plus, I screwed up checking for BGT bams, and left BGT folks posting about invisible clubs!


How is that for an answer to a rhetorical question, m'Lady :D

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I'm using EasyTutu, but I'm not sure which version (where do I check?). It's one I downloaded this past August.


The only SetGlobal that seems to do anything is




Which causes Seniyad to ask me to go find Maretha and Beador. However, I've talked to both of them.

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@Viana: The link that follows will allow you to send an email file to cmorgan. Unless I am mistaken, he has provided you with an email address. It isn't all that unusual to have trouble sending files. If it were, this service would not exist.




@cmorgan: I'm not just talking about BG1 NPC Project (I never did complete her quest, you know--I thought the dude in the tree was the end of it, too :D ). Her quest is a mess in BG2, too.

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Had same problem :)


- I'm using a BGT install and BG1 NPC Project v12.


- I went to Cloackwood 1 with Jaheira in the party


- Helped Seniyad killing the hunter (I'm playing druid myself)


- Gotten both Quests from him. (and 250 Xps - I have reduced quest Xps)


- Found Beador killed the shadowdruids and rescued him


- Gone back to near the Tree Fort and killed Andarthe and one other druid (he didnt surrend or something similar, I just killed him)


- Rescued Maretha


- jaheira ask me to report succes to Seniyad, I agreed


- Report rescuing to Beador (50 xps)


- Returned to Seniyad, and found him responding as if I had never gotten the quest.


- By looking throught forums I found




and this Tread.


"X#JaheiraSen" was set "8"


- I tried to change it to "31" via NI but nothing changed.


- After reading


I tryed to set that variable to "35" but it also did't solve the problem.


--> Any way to fix it?



PS: Sorry for my bad English & thanks for making (and supporting) this great mods :rant:

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