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It possesses of a criminal mind...

Guest Robert

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After getting Lilarcor, it seems that everytime he wants to say something like "this was a noble deed" and things like that, it just apears this line "it possesses of a criminal mind". No name of who is saying this but the camera centers on him. I even droped Lilarcor but no effect. The L key didn't work either (if it should).

Any idea how to fix it?

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Try initiating a dialogue with Kivan and tell him he's talking strangely. See, if it fixes his voice-set.


If not, can you let me know what is the value of







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Thank you so much for your fast reply! :p

Talking to him fixed the thing. He speaks normally now.

As I am not romancing him, and as didn't play the game since last 2 years, I forgot that you can actually initiate dialogue with them :)


By the way, where should I check that value?


Again, thank you very much for the very fast help. :D

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Well, you can always chat with Kivan a bit about the areas you're pasisng through, and there are a couple of dialogues that can be unlocked from the Player-initiated menue. So do check it out from time to time :D


By the way, where should I check that value?


Heh, if the things are working normally now, you don't need to check the values of the Globals. But if the need arises, ShadowKeeper is a utility that allows you to check on your game. Or if you have CLUAConsole activated, you can always enter the



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