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New EasyTutu Version Available


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Hello -


A new version of EasyTutu is now available for download.


For the most part, this new version consists of bugs I've fixed over the past three months. I've also furthered the conversion of the game journal to a BG2-style implementation for the last chapters. Unfortunately, the journal still isn't done yet, but I am happy with the current level of progress. I deliberately handled the entirety of the expansion before chapters 5 to 7, because I knew that working on the portion of the game which takes place in the city of Baldur's Gate would be like crossing a pool of quicksand -- very difficult to come out clean on the other side once you've waded in. But for the first time I can say that the finish line is in sight. There is certainly much left to do, but much more is done than undone in the city at this point.


In any case, the EasyTutu changelog contains the full details of what's included in this release. The downloads are in their usual spot on the main EasyTutu page.


For those of you interested in Gorilym's Mac port of the EasyTutu game content, I've also updated the Mac packages to the level of this current release.


Happy holidays.

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It is easier than regular Tutu (hence the name) from what I've heard. The only known crash of that nature is in Beregost (see Ascension64's post on PPG) but that also happens in vanilla BG1 so it would probably require someone with assembler and/or Bioware knowledge to fix it.

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