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SHS: Nathaniel and the Luxley Family move to SHS!


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Spellhold Studios


Nathaniel is a Human Kensai, looking for a man named Latimer Bryce, an ex-members of the Flaming Fist. Nathaniel romances human, elven or half-elven males of Good or Lawful Neutral alignment providing they are not thieves. Note that he will romance druids, but not males of other classes who are aligned True Neutral. You can view more information on Nathaniel here, and visit his forums here! Nathaniel's SoA portion is complete and available for download, and his ToB portion is currently being worked on. You can view Nathaniel's ToB progress here.



The Luxley family is a story of intrigue, love, betrayal and mystery - two brothers, Sebastian and Andrei, both visiting the city of Athkatla. Sebastian and Andrei will both befriend the PC regardless of gender, race, class and alignment; they will also banter with each other extensively throughout the game.


You can find out more information about Sebastian and Andrei here, you can view their progress here, and you can visit their forum here!

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