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Hello and a little GUIScript patch


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Hi there,


Firstly, I'm really excited about this project. Looks really, really cool, something I set out specifically to look for (more than once I daydreamed of creating my own IE engine), and am so pleased that you're working on this.


I know some python, so will gladly work on the GUIScripts for BG1 (the only IE game I have, though I think I could find IWD if I look hard enough). I'm wine specially :)


So, my first, very very simple patch is to the BG1 GUIMOVIE interface. None of the intro movies played, except the credits, presumably as they already had registered as doing so when they played on startup.


I checked my patch with the bg2 equivalent, and sure enough, it's how they did it there.


Patch for the the latest (as of Dec 24th) CVS download:


*** /home/nick/programming/c/gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/bg1/GUIMOVIE.py Sun Mar 20 21:28:23 2005

--- /home/nick/GemRB/GUIScripts/bg1/GUIMOVIE.py Mon Dec 25 01:57:04 2006


*** 35,37 ****

def PlayPress():

- print "MovieIndex", GemRB.GetVar("MovieIndex")

s = GemRB.GetVar("MovieIndex")

--- 35,36 ----


*** 42,44 ****

s = GemRB.GetTableRowName(MoviesTable, i)

! GemRB.PlayMovie(s)


--- 41,43 ----

s = GemRB.GetTableRowName(MoviesTable, i)

! GemRB.PlayMovie(s, 1)




P.S. Is there a better way to post patches, or is the forum perfectly dandy for this?

P.P.S. Happy Holidayday ;)

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I think I found a little bug in the movie playing...


Playing the INTRO video /before/ any others causes the first part (the Neitzsche quote) to not be shown (indeed no "creating audio source" etc is printed to STDOUT), and the subsequent movie to be played in a small (maybe 300x100) region at the top left of the window. (see image below)


This does not happen, however, if any other video (including that one) has been already played.


I checked the GUIMOVIE guiscript, and I'm pretty sure that's not at fault, so presumably it's some little engine bug.


Of course, if SkipIntroVideos is disabled this is not an issue, as other movies will play before it.


P.S. If you'd like any BG1 screenshots for the homepage I'd be very happy to make some.



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Yes, the guiscript patch is trivial. But the video initialisation issue eludes me.

Most likely it is the mve file which is bugged, but you won't see this in the original game as it never skips intro videos.

Maybe i will try to truncate/remove them and see if the original engine can play the intro video.

If it cannot, then i won't sweat on this bug :D

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