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Another tiny GUIScript patch & BG1 Save Problem


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Well, following on from my last trivial patch, I present: an even more trivial one.


The journal dates were for some reason colored yellow, which looked nasty and is not as in the original. So this just eliminates the color commands from it.


*** /home/nick/programming/c/gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/bg1/GUIJRNL.pyFri Jan 6 23:09:59 2006

--- GUIJRNL.pyMon Dec 25 04:24:56 2006


*** 98,100 ****


! GemRB.TextAreaAppend (Window, Text, ""+GemRB.GetString(15980)+"", 3*i)


--- 98,100 ----


! GemRB.TextAreaAppend (Window, Text, GemRB.GetString(15980), 3*i)


Also, on a rather more important note, I cannot save in bg1.


The menus all load up pretty much fine (there are some imperfections, I'll work on them once I get some more time), but after pressing save evidently it is not.


The GUISAVE.py guiscript is identical to the BG2 one, so I'm not sure why this should be the case.


The only output of interest from GemRB when saving is:

[Control] Nested event handlers are not supported!


(which incidentally has no proceeding newline) But I don't know if it's relevant or not.


Anyway, keep up the good work, kind gentlem[ea], and have a nice festive time.

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