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SHS: Legend of the Acefes, new mod at SHS!


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Spellhold Studios


The Legend of the Acefes is a new Neverwinter Nights module in development at Spellhold Studios, written by theacefes, author of the 'Auren' mod at G3.


The Legend of the Acefes is set upon a continent called Damea discovered by a man called Dameas and his companions. No one knows where these men came from if Damea is the only continent and attempts to find a "lost continent" have resulted in explorers and adventurers alike going missing. In terms of technology, Damea is comparable to the early Middle Ages on Earth. There is royalty, nobility, artisans, and the everyday commoner/peasant. Magic does exist in Damea, but wizards are quite rare, and the ability to wield magic is looked upon with both awe and fear. There are and have been many factions in Damea that have frequently waged war upon each other. Damea is full of diverse landscapes, from thick forests to rolling plains, a volcanic mountain range and even a few wastelands. Damea is inhabited by humans and creatures (monsters) of many types. Swordplay is popular as is archery, and horses are an adventurer's favorite mode of transportation.


The Prophecy: The greatest story in all of Damea is the story of the Acefes. The Acefes is Damea's most powerful fighter that came to the land from another world and stopped the evil that threatened Damea's inhabitants. The Acefes is female and arrived with two companions that assisted her greatly. Their exact ages are unknown but it is believed that they are in their mid to late 30s. The Acefes began her fighting career with the Slashers, a semi-secret organization that claim to be the protectors of Damea.

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