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Problems decomressing oggs


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I've got oggdec.exe in my Audio file with the path GAVIN/Audio.


I've got GavinAudioInstall.bat and GavinAudioUninstall.bat in the mod folder, and this is the code from the tp2. I think I've got an error - shouldn't have the END at the end of it, but never hurts to ask.


None of the files from GAVIN/Audio are in the override. Is the END from an old cut-and-paste error messing things up, or have I bonked my installation again?



 COPY		 ~GAVIN/Audio~ ~override~  

 AT_NOW	  ~GAVIN/GavinAudioInstall.bat~
 AT_UNINSTALL ~GAVIN/GavinAudioUninstall.bat~END


This is in GavinAudioInstall.bat

@echo off
cd override
oggdec BGAV*.ogg
del BGAV*.ogg
del oggdec.exe
cd ..


This is in GavinAudioUninstall.bat

del override\BGAV*.wav
@ECHO Gavin Audio Uninstalled

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What I've done:


1 sworn a lot

2 got rid of the old END copy/paste error

3 sworn some more

4 In GavinAudioInstall, listed each sound file individually. Every other mod I've looked at does so, at least for the oggdec portion, so I'm thinking they wouldn't have done that if BGAV*. ogg and BGAV*.wav worked.

5 considered taking up ant farming

6 trying it again now

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Xan only lists every file separately because, for users' convenience, I am using the smallest oggdec possible(saving like ~200kb of size).


Are your AT_NOW and AT_UNINSTALL in the main Tp2, or in some subcomponent? (I nearly had this in version 2).

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Well, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that it worked.


The bad news is that now I have to listen to my buddy Matt while playtesting. Matt is a great guy, and I'm very fond of him, but I'm never going to be able to playtest the romance with a straight face!

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(sigh) Trust me, you'll get used to it... eventually. :D The hardest thing will be not to keep saying "We're all doomed"(or whatever it is Gavin says) and giggling when you next meet him in person - a nigh impossible feat for me, really.

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