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Potion of Healing, Elixir of Health, Potions of Extra and Superior Healing and Antidotes


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but wizard slayers only have a problem with arcane powers, right? The're cool with clerics.


If it could be argued that potions of healing, elixers of health, antidotes, and potions of extra and superior healing fell under the heading of divine magic, then I would think wizard slayers should be able to use them. The usual place to buy them is a temple.


Edit: gramatical corrections

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The Wizard Slayer's kit description in the game's manual reports a generic forbiddance to use amy magic items except weapons and armor and this would include also potions of healings and antidotes.


Now, from what devsin said, I believe that the original idea was to not let them use divine magic items either but they realized that it would make this kit extremely poor candidate for selection with such limitation so they changed this in the future.


I would agree with such change...

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Yeah. Curse you, David Gaider, for passing of undocumented tweaks as bugfixes in your own game!


Oh wait, you meant us.


It's not the only stealth fix/tweak/whathaveyou included in the Throne of Bhaal that never got applied to Shadows of Amn (hey, the expansion needs all the selling points it can get!). And while I'm sure Baronius will be along to say that the developers obviously intended the swashbuckler clab file to be broken in Shadows of Amn and fixing it is a dirty tweak, this sort of argument is not very convincing compared to demonstrable developer intent.


I'd have changed it in my own game already, but I don't not install ToB :D

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Nah I'm not sour :D How could I be?? For my side it was just a thought nothing else. I'm well aware of Baronius's stand in this matter too :) and I'm not all for (or against) his ideas. I like the idea of putting OBC tweaks/corrections in this Fixpack, so just you go ahead...



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Potn08.itm shows as usable by all, and has no unusability flags set in my Fixpacked BG2 override.


Potn17.itm ditto


Potn25.itm ditto


Don't remember the item code for antidote, but I'm guessing it's alright for wizard slayers to use.

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The report was that they are usable. BioWare decided to change it in ToB, so healing and curing potions are usable by all in ToB, but they're unusable to wizard slayers in vanilla SoA.


I'm guessing that we make the potions usable for SoA-only players too. I don't really see an issue with it, though.

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