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Banters, how much in the game?


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Ok, here is the question.


I haven't coded anything for some time, and I started two days ago to code a kind of one-day NPC just to get my codding notions back. So, I was wondering:


How much banter does a fully-completed NPC have for a complete run thorugh SoA and/or ToB? Is there a precise frequence to which banters are triggered?


Because I am merely coding this NPC as an exercice, and I would not want (yet) to get carried away and write too many banters. :D


Does 4 banter (that's wath I already have with Aerie for instance) with each Bioware NPC seems too much, too few or just right for a One-Day NPC?


Also, should there be more banters with the PC than with the other NPCs?


(I know, it is up to me, but I do not want to have a NPC that is deadly silent, nor a chatterbox :))

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How in the world are you going to write 4 banters for each of 16 NPCs plus the PC in one day? OK, you could write them using a quick cut and paste production line thing, if that's what you want to do, but that's putting a pretty tight schedule on your creativity.


For a full-fledged NPC, as in not-a-one-day-NPC, I would think 4 would be fine.


I think most of the one-day NPCs have one or two apiece.

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Lol, ok, when I say one-day NPC, I would tend to consider difficulty more than time :)


What I meant was a NPC with no quest, items, fancy batlle scripts, romance or friendship track... Nothing difficult in a way :p

I guess I'll keep the 4 dialogues with more important NPCs, and 2 with other he doesn't get along with :D

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Well, if you want to match non-romanced BioWARE NPCs in terms of development, then 2 to 4 banters with other NPCs in SoA + 1 to 2 banters in ToB, a handful of interjections (don't forget interjections, they are noteacable when absent) and a couple of chats with Player1 should do it :D I think that most players don't realise just how *little* most BioWARE BG2 NPCs have in terms of development.

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