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Dec. 09


Murphy must have had a major grudge against me today.  Between doing a massive homework assignment (the last of a semester project) and finals next week, I've been busy, to the point where I really haven't worked on the spear (which will allow us to test that Alpha with volunteers while I then work on the lovetalks).


So there I was thinking I had it done, and save it and went to do a few things outside.  Comeback, almost everything is wiped relating to Baldur's Gate II stuff (meaning Tashia dialogues and Delainy material, fortunately 99% of it is up here or FWStudios).  Additionally, my last part of the project was corrupted after it was saved.  So, I then had to redo my entire bit over.


Then, there was the power outage to contend with...ugh...it felt like my own version of AYBS came to descend on me.


Anyways, don't look for anything new before the next few days, with the spear coming first.

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Dec 11


Progress has been made.  I finished the last of Del's spear, and that leaves minor interjections (that will only take 1 day, and doesn't include Del interjections on other NPC banters, just more of the quest and random bystander material).


I will try to send the music to Camdawg tomorrow if I can.  


Officially, I would be willing to hazard that we are half done.  The romance lovetalks and the main story arc (which can be played without Del) are left.  Half over, I would be wiling to say.


And flirts of course, just another day or so to work.

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Dec 12


Nothing much to add, other than that I will admit I am a bit excited at the release of the first Alpha.


I finished the second lovetalk (not as large as the first), barring disapproval from the editors and such ;-)


This makes 3 done altogether (I have a semi-transition lovetalk finished).

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Dec 12 - CamDawg


Somewhere in wrapping up the loose ends for the playtesting alpha I forgot to add a diary entry! Artwork is rolling in from BigRob's unnamed artist, who shall henceforth be designated "The Artist Formerly Not Known As Anything." Only two icons made the playtest release; the rest are either stock or one of my poor efforts.


Bri is working through the romance track--what is this about editors expressing disapproval? :D Very well done.

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Bri is working through the romance track--what is this about editors expressing disapproval?


Heh, this was said tongue-in-cheek Camdawg...hence the " ;-) "


But yes, what Rob's artist has done is great as well.  I should have mentioned him myself

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Dec - 15


Nothing much to report.  I need to do a little more work on Lovetalk 3, 75% done on Lovetalk 4.


I am taking it a bit easy as finals are this week...further details to come later.


In addition to other matters, I must write up the basic description of Del's kit.

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Dec 17 - CamDawg


Not a lot going on in the public forum, but the playtesters have been great in spotting bugs and typos for us. I'll hand out a point to Kish, who has found several typos and grammar errors, and one to Useunfriendly, who found the first CTD bug.


Thanks all.

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Dec 24


Happy Holidays all!


I guess I have been lazy this month, at least with regards to lovetalks.  I finished a few interjections at least, including non-romance Tree of Life, Waking up in Abyss, and facing Irenicus for the final time.

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Dec 27


Well, had a long, bad day so didn't really get anything Del related finished.


On the other hand, if nothing arises, I hope to get the majority of interjections finished tomorrow.  I place that I'm roughly 60% done with interjections.  Still leaves Lovetalks, the Main Story Arc and interactions with various Werewolf/Wolfwere encounters

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