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If install BP and Kivan, I will have 2 Kivans?

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In all probability, you will have 2 Kivans. Different mods use different CREs for NPCs with the same name.


For example:


If you were running BGT with Kulyok's Xan and somebody else's Xan mod, you could have a party made up almost entirely of Xans.

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So that means another Kivan in Umar Hills caused by TDD, not BP? And If install this Kivan, Umar Hills Kivan would disappear?


Another question. What custom NPCs Kivan regconizes? And, is there any installation order to install Kivan and other custom NPCs(like Edwin Romance, Kelsey, Tashia, etc)?

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Domi's Kivan is different from any other Kivans. It will not replace any Kivan in the Umar Hills. It will not make any other Kivan disappear. It will not interact in any way with any other Kivan.


Kivan will not interact with any mod NPCs *unless* you install the Cross-Mod Banter Pack. I would recommend looking at the readme for that mod to see which NPCs he will interact with.

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There is no design descision to somehow oust TDD's Kivan. :D We talked with Seanas some time ago about cutting that one out if Domi's Kivan was installed, but never did anything about it. So, yes, potentilally you will find TDD's Kivan in Umar Hills.


Kivan's romance is affected by any and all NPCs that will romance female NPCs that I knew about in the time of making the mod. Tsujatha, Edwin, Valygar, Chloe etc. will all reduce the probability of romancing Kivan if PC matched with them and has an active romance going (ie RA is equivalent of bioWARE's RA=1); if you break off the other romance (ie RA=3), the balance will be restored; but if any of the romances goes to 2 (ie commited), chances are that Kivan's romance will not initiate, even if you interrupt another one.


I have cross-mod banter (all in CMBP) with Solaufein, Kelsey, Wikadea (spelling?), Yasraena, Tsujatha and Amber (not sure if it was incorporated). I am trying to get together with theacefes to do cross-mod for Kivan and Auren, and we did a few banters with Kae'loree's upcoming NPC as well. That's about it.


Oh, Kivan is designed to recognise Xan's presence in the party by omitting one of his options in one of the talks but he does not. It's a bug that will eventually be corrected :)

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one of the reasons why nothing came of the plan to do away with TDD's Kivan if Domi's far better Kivan was installed was that i noticed that every version of TDD released after 'Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2' was released didn't have a TDD-Kivan.


i've not gone and looked thru TDD's coding to find out if this is a bug or deliberate design (or even just a recurring artifact of my installs) but i did bring it up with KD at one point, and it hasn't been 'resolved' - so for whatever the reason, i haven't had a TDD-Kivan in any game since i installed Domi's version. yr mileage may vary, of course, but i'm reasonably confident in saying that if you install this Kivan over TDD (or BP) then you'll only have one Kivan - this one.

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