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Cloning info for non-BG2 games


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Andrewas suggested to me in IM that by correlating the information needed to clone other IE games, we might be able to simplify the architecture of MIT somewhat by leveraging those aspects they have in common.

The hope is to simplify it enough that the data describing each game could be stored in a simple textual format (interpreted at runtime), instead of doing everything through a series of classes which I'm battling with to not duplicate code - not to mention that the mechanism for selecting whether a particular class is suitable for a particular source dir is, due to language limitations, detached completely from those classes.


So, we're looking for information on folders referenced in the exe by 'HD0:\\[folder name]' (rather than '.\\[folder name]') in each game, and the offset of the reference. Same for non-dir files that need to be copied into a clone dir, such as dialog{,f}.tlk


We're looking for this for IWD1 and 2 (for all valid combinations of expansions and official patches), and possibly for Torment. It may be worth simplifying this task alot by dropping MIT support for games without the official patches - it's half as many combinations to document, and most of the mods appear to require this anyway.

Once we have a slightly better idea of exactly how similar the needed data for all the games is, I'll correlate the info and put it on a wiki page.


If it seems safe for me to uninstall BG2 from my test machine, I can find the info myself for IWD1 without expansions, and possibly for Torment.

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