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Interject madness


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I have started to test my interjections in game and I have (of course) encountered some problems.


Besides some interjections not showing up, I wanted to know a few things:

-As INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS2 places the interjection after all the DOs, can my character still interject with and NPC after his dlg turned him into an enemy. (More precisely the beastmaster in the Copper Coronet: I want to add something after he says "Tabitha open the cages", but there he goes Enemy(). If you don't use INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS2, then *my* NPC will turn red will he? And if the beastmaster is turned red then my NPC cannot speak to him??? )


-If I want to give and objet to a character in an interjection (the Dryad Queen here):

I used:


==VAELASA IF ~IsValidForPartyDialogue("YU#HAG")~THEN

~Are you a... Yes your are. But I sense something strange about you, you are not like the others of your race... Your bond with Nature is pure and strong.~


~Let me give you this, you could need it. Fare thee well Yuan-Ti, and never forget your bond with Nature.~

DO ~GiveItemCreate("STAF08","YU#HA",1,1,0)~



But it does not work (the dialogue triggers, but no object appears). Any problem noticeable in the coding??

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Your example with the beastmaster was *made* for I_C_T2. I_C_T2 just means that the interjection won't transfer the action to the NPC. It does not mean that it happens after all the DOs.


I'm stealing this from BG1 NPC Project, so I hope no one minds:


== ~_KIVANJ~ IF ~InParty("kivan") !Dead("kivan") !StateCheck("kivan",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("KivWelcome","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN @50
== ~_THALAN~ IF ~InParty("kivan") !Dead("kivan") !StateCheck("kivan",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("KivWelcome","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN @51
DO ~GiveItemCreate("X#KISPEA","kivan",1,0,0) SetGlobal("KivWelcome","GLOBAL",1)~


This works. I know it works. Are you doing something similar?


Incidentally, I'd stay away from IsValidForPartyDialog() because it doesn't always work. CamDawg has a wonderful custom state he made called !StateCheck("DV",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) that is really wonderful. Only thing is, you're going to have to have the game recognize it. Again, this is from BG1 NPC Project. Well, actually, it's from Gavin's tp2, because I happened to have it open at the time, but I got it from BG1 NPC first. You're going to want to put this in your tp2:


/* STATE.IDS patching - borrowed from BG1 NPC Project and CamDawg */
/* adds custom IsValidForPartyDialogue state */

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DO ~GiveItemCreate("STAF08","YU#HA",1,1,0)~


What is your NPC's death variable? Did you per chance misspell it and it's YU#HAG (as in the first line), not YU#HA (as in the GiveItemCreate expression?

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For the record n(and if it helps :D ), the current replacement for IfValidForPartyDialogue("dv") or IsValidForPartyDialogue("dv") is


== ~_KIVANJ~ IF ~InParty("kivan") InMyArea("kivan") !StateCheck("kivan",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~


CD_STATE_NOTVALID contains the STATE_DEAD trigger, so !Dead is redundant.


InMyArea was deemed the most reliable way of making sure dialogue wasn't initiated with an NPC who is waiting outside, resulting in dropped dialogue; another variant used is See("dv") (which is an automatic InMyArea but fails if the NPC is out of range or invisible).


We tend to initiate dialogues with the See("dv") trigger because some project folks feel that it is not correct behavior under invisibility to converse, but use the more open InMyArea("dv") to standardize dialogues in CHAIN and ICT across the whole project as a replacement for the following triggers:






I bet you made the same mistake I did with when to use the .cre file name and the death variable ("dv"):


YU#HAG.cre may be assigned the "real name" as a dv, and many of the scripts use this for manipulating the .cre.

For example, if I have assigned YU#HAG.cre the dv "Haggis", then CreateCreature("YU#HAG") is correct, but ActionOverride("Haggis",EscapeArea()) is needed.



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Are you trying to name his NPC "haggis"? :D


I got around the whole DV/CRE problem by using the same thing for both. Now, I know the difference, but it was easier to get my head around during that first month or two.

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I'm pretty sure that his dv is "YU#HAG", because ~IsValidForPartyDialogue("YU#HAG")~ actually works, and text shows, but the item is not appearing in the inventory because he forgot "G" on the end. It's just a typo.

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