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New Year Resolutions: 2007


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The Resolution: finish this mod and make it great!


1) Finish Chapter 5 and 6 content for the core 7 NPCs.

2) Write and implement the Epilogue for all 10 NPCs in the end of Chapter 6 (ie new end-game sequence)

3) Finish Valeero's Friendship track

4) Do the second test run through the game filling in gaps in the scenery development for Peony, Rizdaer and Valeero, testing at the same time Nikosh and Prachi (who are not in my first testing party)

5) Write 4 romances and flirt packs for them

6) Revisit all Phase 1 banter and dialogues doing maintenance that prevents conflicting banter to appear and adding globals that help shape the romance tracks

7) Do romance conflicts and romance reactions

8) Beta-testing of the whole thing.


Uhm... add 2 more priests, if I get some spare time....

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My own resolutions:

-finish IWD2 (not my fault, HD crash after Chult :D )

-support this mod with all my strenght. IWD2 is surely an underated game.


Play with your baby?

That is why modding needs planning: they cannot yell when you are not working on them :)

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