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BG1 Fixpack ?

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"The GTU is a separate component. Everything else should (as far as I know) work on other languages." Excellent!

"As far as still being maintained... I've decided to step down." Thanks for your contribution!


Anybody tested it with GemRB? There is no *exe patching magic there, I hope?

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I had most components of BG1UB installed and a handful of components from BG1Tweaks. After this happened, though I reinstalled the game sans any mods. Nexlit worked correctly. Then I installed only the fixpack, and he again would not talk to me.


I then proceeded to reinstall all my mods, as the glitch was fairly minor compared to the benefits of the fixpack. I got the dialogue and the bear summoned by *charming* nexlit and talking to him, of all things.

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I got the dialogue and the bear summoned by *charming* nexlit and talking to him, of all things.

This would say that the problem comes from not initializing the dialog cause of it's allegiance(in NearInfinity)... did it attack and become hostile when it saw you, or was it hostile already .... as in BGT, it should come to talk to the player as neutral(blue circle) then after the dialog go hostile... and then the bear comes.

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Well hmm, I can't see that we make him an enemy (ea=255) anywhere. But with the fixpack installed, he is indeed an enemy instead of neutral. Will need to investigate and fix. He is in fact of neutral allegiance in BG:EE and his dialogue should make him hostile, he shouldn't start out that way.

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I have just checked the git repository and there has been no activity there for the last year…

Is this project still alive, somewhere hidden?

And if there is nobody working on it anymore, don't you think it could be published in this beta state on G3 downloads section?


IMHO this fix pack is not easy to find if you don't already know where to look.


Anyway, thank you for the good work!

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