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Help with kit making


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Hey all, this is my first attempt at a mod so dont flame too severely if I have overlooked something that may be simple.


Anyways, I have created a basic tp2 file for a kit but I dont know where to go from there. Any help on how to make usable in the game would be great.


Also, adding special abilities is also a bit of a problem. An example is that for this kit I would like to have the critical hit range extended by 1 vs humanoids (though just having it increase by 1 to begin with would be good and I have already made a few disadvantages to counter this) so any help with that would be good.



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If you've got the .tp2 and you've allowed the kit to be player selectable, it ought to appear on character creation - if it's not, post the .tp2 contents and we'll try to help :)


What you'll need to do for increase your critical hit chances:


Make a spell, that has an effect (permanent duration) using opcode 0x12d (must have Throne of Bhaal, or you can't do this).


In your clabXXXX.2da file for your kit, include in the column for level one (or whichever level you want the ability to show up at) AP_NameOfThatSpellYouJustMadeWithoutThe.splExtention.


Bonus versus humanoids isn't going to work out so well.

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Sorry about the late reply, been busy as hell lately. I have pretty much given up on this idea as I just cant seem to get it to work and with uni coming up soon, I wont have much time to play around with it to get it to work.


PS: It was originally going to be an executioner kit and I had thought of a shock trooper kit.

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