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Mirror Image

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According to the description, "when a mirror image spell is invoked, the spellcaster causes from two to eight exact duplicates of himself to come into being around him." However, the maximum number of images the spell can actually create is only five. The number eight appears to be a leftover from the pnp description, which includes the following line not present in the BG2 description:


"To determine the number of images that appear, roll 1d4 and add 1 for every three levels of experience the wizard has achieved, to a maximum of eight images."


In fact, there is only one increase in the maximum number of images, from four to five at 5th level. Because they purposefully ommitted the pnp line about the number of images increasing per level, it seems likely the maximum was reduced from eight either from reasons of balance, or because it was causing the game to slow down too much. With that in mind, I'd suggest amending the description to read "from two five exact duplicates", and fixing the erroneous maximum of four in the first two spell headers.


I myself will test whether the extra image per three levels to a maximum of eight works okay, and if so implement it in Arcane Remix :).

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It's the same as it was in BG, although I would have sworn there used to be more.


The reason could be as silly as it just looking terrible with the old mirror image effect, but I agree with just changing the description (although I don't think I could ever get it to create less than the max number of images, so I don't know if it's 2 to 5 or 4 to 5).


I know I upped Sendai's special effect to 6, but I apparently decided to leave the rest at 4/5.

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there is only one increase in the maximum number of images, from four to five at 5th level
Well it's true, however... I love Mirror Image and use it frequently and I always see 8 images at high levels. I don't know what's wrong with spwi212.spl but in game it works as it should. Always.
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Yes, it produces up to 8 images; the issue is NI/IESDP--the first parameter is labeled as max number of images (and is either 4 or 5 at all levels) but starting ToB at 2.5M you get 7 images and 8 at 8M XP. I'd go level-to-level and actually figure out the progression, but I'm just not interested enough. :p Perhaps the parameter was relevant for the BG engine, but it definitely isn't for BG2.


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I was looking at this a few months ago; I couldn't easily figure out the behavior, but I did start to think that the parameter either had no effect or was mislabeled for some reason (it has some other effect we don't know about). I never could get that many images, but I don't know which XP ranges I checked, and I only ever did this with a fresh game in SoA.


Nobody plays ToB, though, so who would've noticed?

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