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Using A_I_F_E_I_G and A_I N F_E


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I'm trying to append interact.2da. I know it's stupid, that banters are better, but I still like to hear Ajantis say "You are a man of honor. I respect your integrity" and Jaheira say "You are amusing, in a what-the-hells-is-wrong-with-you kind of way."


I know I can append interact.2da, but I know that if other npc mods are installed first and *they* append interact.2da, too, there's going to be trouble if the tables don't match. The best I can do is detect for other npc mods, which is what I'm going to have to do if nothing else comes up.


How would I check for more than one file at a time?


Yes, I realize that I'm going to have to download each and every mod to see if they actually do touch that table.

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Not sure whether it's what you're asking, but the following is valid:


		FAIL @500


I used this bit of code in weidu version of Drizzt Saga I was working on.


Of course, you can use "AND" there too.

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That is exactly what I'm looking for, but I think I'll probably need to check to make sure files *don't* exist, so I'll use NOT FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME and AND.


That saves me a lot of work!


Now all I have to do is identify one checkable component for each mod.



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Still useful information, and I'm probably going to need it, but I'm no longer certain I'm going to go with the original idea. It was fun, and I may still do it, but there is probably several good reasons not to.

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