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As usual, while looking for one thing, I found something else.


What I found was a couple parsing errors, typo like GLOBALS for GLOBAL. Nothing tragic.


I'd like to go somewhere to report it, but I haven't a clue where.


If anybody knows, thanks.

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Thanks. That clears it up a lot. I was kinda confused (not all that unusual, really).


As it turns out, I was able to find contact info in the tp2. Haven't sent my debug yet, but I should.


Oh, nuts. I just remembered that I trashed that installation completely yesterday. I guess I can fish the recycle bin, though. Yuck.

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You might also want to post any bugs you found in the Tutu compatibility thread. That isn't one I tested completely, and the mod's own documentation suggested it may be unfinished if I recall rightly.


A lot of the IEGMC mods do not have forums. Or if they do, they're obscure or inactive. Since it is also downloadable (last I checked) on BWL, you might try the BG1/Tutu small mods forum there if you can't contact the author. (MajorTomSawyer is not the author unless I'm wrong - he did mod some of the portraits for Baldur's Goth though).

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I'm not actually playing it, so I don't know how these issues affect game play. I downloaded to check for a couple files for my own mod, but I'm not really playing anything enough to do compatibility testing.


The errors were all things like "cannot verify trigger" with typos like missing quotation marks and GLOBALS instead of GLOBAL.


I might just download it myself, fix the errors WeiDU finds, and offer to send them back to the author. None of these errors are serious enough to halt installation, nor do I believe they are likely to break the game.


If Ascension64 is making this available for BGT, I will definitely advise him of my findings, but he probably already knows about it, if he's tried to install it at any point.

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