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Voicing Ogrillon NPC


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It would be very cool to have more than one voice for all the orcs, goblins, etc.


Here's the "fresh" one I believe.




Could you have a BAM of him spitting as well? (j/k, by the way...)


P.S. I like the soundset. ;) There should be one for a lady orc... ;)

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Guest Smarmy

Get a goblin NPC and you can have that picture that julwise posted as it's portrait, then whenever you tell it to attack something it could go "Here's a fresh one!" etc etc

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Thanks, as it happens the Winamp on my work computer won't play 'em, but my home one does.

.Ogg support is a relatively new addition to Winamp (well, .oggs themselves are a relatively new format :groucho:), so you've probably got an older version (pre-version 4 IIRC) at work.

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Scro are a kind of "High Orc" from the Spelljammer game. They have an organised and millitaristic society (a bit like Hobgoblins), worshipping Dugkash their founder.


And yes, Scro is orcs backward. He may have been a great organiser, but Dugkash apparently didn't have much imagination. :)

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