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Which characters to put among dignitaries/end game


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Anybody who'd be happy to wish the party well.


I've never gotten that far, because before the IWD2 NPC Project, I got bored with the game around Chapter 2.


If the gnome with the airship doesn't kick it anywhere along the way, he'd probably be there, too, but you might have already listed him, and I certainly don't remember his name.

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If they spawn at the end via area script, each npc would need something like






CreateCreature("branston",[xxx.yyy],f) //assuming this was his cre name as well as his DV




for each and every NPC you'd want present. Which assumes that IWD2 uses DVs. I'm posing this question with an eye to the future. :)

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IWD2 uses 3 DVs. I remeber trying to do SPRITE_IS_DEAD check and it didn't work, Dead check works, but because there are a few DVs, I will have to make sure that all spawns of each character has the same DVs. But luckily for many characters, the game sets regular Global when they are dead, or I can always set a Global via ADD_TRANS_ACTION when PC announces his attack. Basically, the short of it - it's doable.

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Before I forget: I totally need to put the idiot from Bryne Shander there so PC can vent off on him and his cleric of Helm (if desired) or have a laugh together at the 'joke'.


To whom are you referring?


I've played through all of IWD2 quite a few times, and I think you've covered all the characters you can, maybe the Iron Collor jerks assuming they didn't die on the road to Luskan (and you didn't kill them yourself).

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Part of Isair and Madae's quarel with Ten Towns is stemming from the Spokesman for BrynShander and his priest of Helm sending pastries with Holy Water as part of the presents, which stopped the negotiations and started the war. You meet the envoy who delivered the pies in Sevred Hand; he and Iselore tell the story.

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